Thursday, August 16, 2012

I sincerely apologize for my lack of discipline with this blog!  I mean maybe no one reads it anyways so it is fine, but I feel like since I made this and tell people about it I should actually post on it.  Goodness.

Anyways, a lot has happened.  Multiple "follow-ups," but I have been following up for so long!  The nurse always asks "Why are you here today?" and I'm like uhhhhm follow-up? again?  My life consists of these said "follow-ups."  I do not like it.  I am tired of doctors and especially my parents paying for doctors and medicine.  Although I do love love love my doctor :) she is amazing!  I just wish I did not have to visit her so often... But lucky me, my stomach just refuses to heal.
        I guess since the hospital (February) I have gone back every month to see my doctor and talk about what is going on.  There is not a lot going on.  There was one month of what felt like a million medicines.  After that she tried to put me onto what she called "simple medicine" and hope for the best, but that did not work.  I continued to be bloated and feel sick/pain after eating.  So I went back and got not quite as much as that one month, but a lot more medicine.  Basically I am taking things that will help heal my tummy and help digest my food at the same time while we wait for my tummy to be able to do it itself.
       So my mom looks at all these different diets that she thinks will help me, but we never actually tried any (other than gluten-free of course!!).  BUT this time it is different!  I guess we both kinda realized I am not getting better, I like to hide how I feel and say that it is just normal.  So we are now doing a diet called paleo which I just found out is short for paleolithic which means caveman.  I am on a caveman diet! :P haha!  Good stuff.  ANYWAYS, paleo for me is no grains, no dairy, no beans/legumes (idk if these are the same thing), no tomatoes, no potatoes, no eggs, and no cashews.  That is all I can think of right now, but what I can eat is meat, vegetables, and fruit.  So it really is not that bad and it is really healthy!  But it is also really rough.  I miss a lot of grain and fried things.
       I think the hardest part is definitely breakfast and snacks.  For breakfast I eat sausage or bacon and an apple, I was prescribed an apple a day by my doctor :P.  And snack time is almonds!  Which I usually carry in my purse just in case I get stuck somewhere hungry.  Dinner is the best part of the day, because I can only eat meat we buy a lot of it so we find specials.  Steak and ribs were on sale, HECK YES.  So one night we had steak and asparagus and the next night we had ribs with okra.  ~Austin's Own bbq sauce is like straight from heaven! chipotle-hot is so delicious~  My mom cooks a lot so I have leftovers for lunch.
        No junk food is hard too!  Like no chips, no cookies, no icecream!   But I do feel a lot better so I don't know if it is the medicine, the diet, or both.  After a month of paleo we are going to bring in the things one at a time and see how my tummy does.  I think I am probably gonna lose some weight on this lil diet.  So other than venting and telling exciting stories (exciting, I know!) I wanted to say that I will start posting my paleo recipes :) ribs were the besst ever!!