Monday, January 14, 2013


It feels like every thing I do is failing. My stomach hurts so bad recently and I feel like there is nothing I can eat without issues. My back and neck hurt and I am so crooked that working out is difficult. I feel like I must have the worst celiac case ever. Ah. I just want to feel better.

I think I am going to completely restart the GAPS diet. That means going back to broth for awhile, but hey if I can stick to it maybe it will fix me. It's the only diet that has seemed to make improvement for me so far.

Sorry for the whiny rant I just had a bad day. Anyways I have the blogger app on my phone and have decided to try and track my eating and working out through this. So I not only keep myself accountable with that, but keep everyone else informed with new recipes/diets!

Also I would love to know how anyone else with celiac or any kind of good allergy is coping! Comment please!!