Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Follow Up

        Alright guys sorry it took me so long!  Spring break came and I was busy, but now y'all will finally know what the deal is.  Not that y'all care, but blogging makes me happy and helps me sort stuff out. :)
        A few weeks ago I went to the doctor that diagnosed me with celiac disease for a follow up.  It was weird because I didn't really understand why I was at the follow up.  We gave her the information that the hospital had told us to take.  She read over it and said that my intestines fell asleep due to celiac.  I didn't really know how to react to that.  Like I don't know if that's good or not.  Since it is related to celiac means it can happen again which is scary and sucks.  But it is good to know the cause and it probably could have been a lot worse.  If celiac made my intestines fall asleep was it from something I ate?  -I had Buffalo Wild Wings the night before the hospital-  It is a possibility that is what made my body shut down.  I ordered what other people had claimed to be gluten-free, but still that wasn't for sure.   I thought I was ok with tiny bits of gluten, but I was soo wrong.
        My doctor said that 50% of people with my level of sensitivity still have inflamation even on a strict gluten-free diet.  Yaaaayyy..  And that continued inflamation will increase my risk of cancers and heart problems.  I knew my body hated me, but really??  In addition to that, my back and neck hurt all the time because of celiac too.  I can't remember exactly what she said about it, but she told me I need to be working out not just my core but all my back muscles.  That is kinda nice to know that I HAVE to work out because now I can't make excuses :P.  
        So now we know the cause and other fun -sarcasm- facts.  My lovely doctor (I really do love her) came up with a plan!  She put me on medicine for my digestive system and something that will hopefully reduce my inflamation so I wont be visiting the hospital:).  She told me to take all those meds for 3 weeks then come back and we would work on diet and such.  It has been three weeks and I returned to her two days ago.  We talked about how my body is doing.  I am slowly recovering, but I am still bloated and it gets better/worse at random.  I definitely have not felt the way I did before the hospital though so I am getting better.
        She told me to continue taking the meds she prescribed earlier and that I will take the one that decreases inflamation for  a minimum of 3 months.  We talked about my diet and she said that some gluten-free people go grain crazy and eat a lot of corn, rice, etc. to make up for the wheat.  She told me to not do that because it isn't good for my body and I need to focus on fruits, veggies, and meats.  It sounds pretty simple, but it is also a lot of work... It is totally worth it though!  I want to feel healthy and normal.  I don't even know what normal is.  But one day I will get there!
        My doctor also said to research like crazy and find good recipes and what other people with celiac are eating.  She wants me to know more than anyone else about being gluten-free and having celiac disease.  So if y'all have any good blogs, websites, recipes, anything please let me know :).

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  1. Meg, I sure wish I had a doc as savvy as yours about this stuff. I am still learning. So much that I react to is not listed or it's listed as some strange additives & not gluten. The most disappointing stuff I've had to give up are York peppermint patties & my English toffee ice cream. I am afraid that most commercial caramel things have something that sets me off :-(. I am a lot safer when I eat at home. I carry a baggie of True North Almond pecan cashew clusters (Sam's) in my purse for when others are noshing on dessert. I am collecting Gf recipes & I will send you some of my favorites when I get my act together.
    I'm looking forward to what you discover & share.