Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why I am a Gluten Freek

        I went to the doctor to get blood taken (a lot of it!) in August for testing to see if I was allergic to anything.  We (my mom and I) were wondering what I could be allergic to because I had horrible acne and felt sick constantly.  My symptoms included: tummy ache anytime I ate, bloating constantly, headaches, itchy skin, pain in joints, acne that a dermatologist could not solve,  and emotionally miserable at least 3 times a week.  In addition to us wondering, I have wanted to go into modeling so we went to an agency and he thought, because of my acne, I could have a yeast overgrowth.  
        So once my results were in (August 11th) we went back to the doctor to talk about them, she said I have the worst case of celiac she has seen in 5 years and I have had it my whole life. GREAT. So I was pretty thrilled to not be able to eat anything with any trace of gluten in it!  Gluten is like in wheat, rye, barley, and sometimes oats.  Sometimes things that you wouldn't expect to have gluten do, basically I have to read every label and unless it says "Gluten Free" I can't eat it.  Also I was slightly allergic to dairy and soy, the doctor said she thinks this is just for 6 months until my gut heals form being destroyed by gluten.  
        Eating gluten and dairy free is hard and depressing BUT I feel soooo much better when I stay away from gluten, it is crazy how big of a change it is.  That is the story of why my life sucks.  More and more people are realizing how common celiac is and so it is easier to find good gluten free store bought things and I have found a lot of yummy recipes :).

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