Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Night Dinner!

        Basically every saturday night my family has hamburgers for dinner.  I dislike hamburgers because they are greasy, so instead I eat turkey burgers!  They are delicious!  You wouldn't think that gluten would be in meat, but it is.  Sadly, I can't eat at Mckenzies anymore :( they marinate their meat in some sauce containing gluten.  ANYWAYS we buy Kroger brand ground chuck patties (tehe patties) and Kroger brand seasoned lean turkey burgers, both gluten free :).   See nifty photo??

         Heinz ketchup and Hellmann's mayonnaise are gluten free. (I hate mustard so I don't know which brand is gluten free) The hamburger buns I buy are  Gluten Free Houston, they are good but crumbly.  We also had apples and green beans :).  Yummy yummy dinner!

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