Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Happy Place (and the not so happy place)

        Coffee is the bomb and I highly doubt I could live without it.  BUT it can be difficult to get, because gluten is in EVERYTHING (frustrating!!!!).  Usually I make coffee at home.  I am pretty sure most coffee beans are gluten free..unless you buy flavored coffee beans.  My mom buys unground beans and grinds them herself, then makes coffee for me :).  I like my coffee full of sugar, cream, and all that good stuff!  As of right now I am going dairy free as well as gluten free so I use Silk French Vanilla creamer.  It is very yummy and I don't even have to add sugar to it if I use that creamer.  Sometimes I use dark chocolate almond milk instead of the creamer (Silk Pure Almond brand, ya silk is pretty much awesome).
        Starbucks is my favorite place for coffee, but its so dang expensive.  Their syrups are gluten free and they can make your coffee how you want it, like with soy and no whip cream :P.  I usually get a soy caramel frappucino with no whip cream or a caramel macchiato (sometimes I get it iced).
        This part of the post sucks... Last week I was being all nice and friendly and bought a coffee at the college because a girl I know works there.  After I had paid and I was watching her make it I realized she was making it with milk, but it was too late so I was like whatevs, I will just take stomach acid and it will be ok.  So I drank the dadgum coffee and started to feel horrible.  My stomach was killing me and I thought I was going to puke.
        After my first class, during break, I was going to eat some lunch and then go work out.  YEAH RIGHT, I am so dumb... I didn't want to eat anything, but I forced myself to eat a little because I knew I needed it to work out.  When I went to work out I couldn't understand why I was so lightheaded and nauseous.  I ran 1 mile and then walked for the rest of the time; it was terrible.  I still couldn't understand what was going on and I was so mad at myself for being so out of shape.  After I took a shower and was heading to my next class I realized that one small coffee had ruined my day.
        BUT I didn't expect it to ruin my whole week/month.  It has been a week and two days and I wasn't able to work out until yesterday.  My tummy still feels bloated and hurts a little but not as bad as it did.  My mom thinks that there was probably gluten in the syrup or something that she put in the coffee.  SO moral of story: don't just assume it is gluten free, and pay attention to what you are eating/drinking.  Oh yeah or you can like ask if they do gluten/dairy free stuff at their place.  PEACE.

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