Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Eating out can be difficult when you have celiac disease or if you are just avoiding gluten.  Some resturants have a gluten-free menu, others have "gluten-free" items although they are not advertised that way.  Depending on how sensitive you are, you can order something that should be gluten-free and hope for the best.  Most places understand food allergies and can accomodate you, but not all resturants are educated about food sensitivity.  There is not always time to stop by a resturant and it is usually easier to go to a fast food place, but that can be dangerous.

Chipotle is not neccessarily a "fast food" place, but it is quick and not too expensive.  I went there the other day with my daddy to have lunch!  Before we left, mom went online to Chipotle.com to see if they had nutrition/allergy information.  It turns out that Chipotle is the bomb.!  http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/menu/special_diet_information/special_diet_information.aspx This link will take you to the "Special Diet Information" which specifies different common allergies and what you can eat from their resturant.  So that way I already knew what I could order, and didn't have to ask or stand awkwardly figuring it out :).

When I ordered, I told them I was gluten-free and they immediately changed all their gloves and serving utensils.!  I was like, "Whoa, y'all are awesome!!"  One of the workers told me that their tortillas (corn and flour) are made in the same factory; that means cross-contamination is a possibility.  I had soft tacos with chicken, pinto beans, brown rice, pico de gallo, and guacomole.  It was soOOOooo good.  Dad and I also had chips and salsa.  We got tomatillo green chili salsa (I think) it was really yummy and the chips were perfect.  

I will definitely be eating here more often.!  So delicious and all the workers were very friendly.  They are very big on being all natural and having local farm raised meat.  Not all of their meat comes from small farms, but they try their hardest and keep getting more and more.  Pretty much they have good stuff!  So go there!  It is located by Target, right next to Vero and Tutti Frutti.


  1. Yea! I'm so glad y'all found a good place to eat out. I'm proud of your dedication and tenacity, Meg. You are taking good care of yourself.

    Are you going to post about Jason's Deli?

  2. Great date with you, Meg. And great article. Chipotle should hire you to do advertising! Love you,