Monday, January 16, 2012

Jason's Deli

        My church had a marriage conference which lasted two days.  My friends and I babysat/did a VBS with the kids!  It was lots of fun but very stressful and very long.  On the second day we were there all day and so lunch was provided; this usually means Meg bring your own food.  Except that I have the BEST CHURCH EVER and they got Jason's Deli for the adults (including the babysitters).

        Jason's Deli has a full gluten-free menu,  I didn't know about this, but the awesome leaders at my church figured it out and ordered me a "lunch box" -I think that's what it's called-.  It consisted of a sandwich on gluten-free bread (no cheese for me either), chips, and a cookie (I am not sure if it was gluten free =/ I didn't eat it).  It was such a good sandwich!  The bread wasn't too thick or dry, it was delicious and filling :).

       I do not usually eat at Jason's Deli, but I went with my friend's family a few weeks ago and ordered a salad.  I think it was the Chef's salad, not sure.  They handed me a gluten-free menu and when i ordered I said "Hey I need gluten-free *whatever salad I got*", just to specify.  I don't know if they have a regular chef's salad that contains croutons or something like that, plus sometimes food places have different procedures for gluten-free items.  The salad was really good; it had a lot of toppings and it was huge!  I think I ate more than half..but I was really hungry haha.

        Jason's Deli isn't a fast food place, but it doesn't take too long to get your food.  It is a nice place to have lunch with someone! :)  They also have take out and catering, so if you have an event coming up and need gluten-free options this is a great restaurant to pick.

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