Thursday, February 23, 2012

Olive Garden Update

        So I guess there is an automatic email that goes out once you contact Olive Garden because I got one. All it really said was like thanks for contacting us and that I will receive a reply in the mail.  I got a letter yesterday from the guest relations representative.  
        It started out with a lovely apology and basically a mission statement hahaha.  Something about them striving to provide every guest with a high quality meal.  Then they finally got to the point and said that they agree that other pasta in gluten-free food falls very short of their goal. She said, "Our food preparation and serving procedures will be reviewed with our staff to prevent a recurrence." I am really hoping that they will really do that and she wasn't simply claiming that to make me happy.  They also sent me a giftcard to Olive Garden, so that is exciting! Whoop for free food! 
        The letter was short and sweet.  I will actually be eating at Olive Garden tomorrow for lunch and so I guess we will see if they changed anything.  I doubt corporate has gotten involved yet [I will keep complaining until they do!], but the manager knows what happened so I hope she did something about it.  Ok well this is all I have to say :) I really hope no one else has had the same experience as I did at Olive Garden.


  1. The response from OG was everything I hoped it would be. Now if they will just follow through!

  2. And great job advocating for yourself, Meg!